LVCHI AUTO Stands at the highest point of innovation and science and technology, from four dimensions of intelligent design, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent travel, intelligent service to set up LVCHI AUTO’s Intelligent Mobile life sharing ecosystem. As a creator, LVCHI AUTO launched intelligent vehicle through intelligent design and intelligent manufacturing. Intelligent distribution and sharing trips are used to achieve intelligent mobility, so as to create intelligent life scenes, form a closed loop ecosystem chain, and create an intelligent mobile life sharing ecosystem.



LVCHI AUTO combines the highest global innovation and technology, Italy Engineering Center takes charge of vehicle R&D business; works together with technology centers located in Coventry and Silicon Valley.

At the same time, it sets up the R&D center which was headquartered in Shanghai, and worked together with Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuxi branches through the domestic and international cooperative work, building intelligent design gold chain, thus making LVCHI AUTO into the world’s top intelligent design auto enterprises


In the construction of Intelligent Mobile life sharing ecosystem, LVCHI AUTO will follow intelligent manufacturing, shared manufacturing, cooperative customization intelligent manufacturing planning. Therefore LVCHI AUTO has established a complete C2FT (Customer to Flexible Tailor) business mode. Under this mode, LVCHI AUTO can achieve information interaction and flexibly production through cloud data to meet LVCHI travel and LVCHI distribution customized demands, and then achieve the whole process operation from customer demand to production delivery.

In order to deepen the practice of intelligent manufacturing, LVCHI AUTO will build four intelligent manufacturing bases in the world, to further improve the global layout, and make full use of existing capacity, cooperate with partners deeply on shared manufacturing plant resources. It can also make deep customization with the existing products according to customers and market demands to produce the LVCHI exclusive products.


LVCHI AUTO follows the service mode of technological innovation. After analyzing the condition of people, vehicles and roads, it provides an integrated intelligent cloud service for consumers via intelligent travel. The intelligent travel made by LVCHI AUTO covers two major scenes of mobile travel and mobile life. In mobile travel scenarios, LVCHI AUTO provides intelligent services around the life cycle of vehicles. Its services will cover five stages, including vehicle purchase, use, maintenance, insurance and driving management, vehicle sale and scrapping, and lead the development trend of the industry.

In mobile life scenarios, LVCHI will provide intelligent services in many fields, such as health management, mobile office, automobile social networking, consumer shopping, video entertainment and home connectivity, so as to enable people to enjoy the good life via lifestyle changes. In the future, LVCHI AUTO will strive to develop car sharing services, and promote intelligent travel to all parts of the country with a more open, innovative and shared posture, enabling people to enjoy the life with advanced technologies.


LVCHI AUTO will build intelligent marketing system from the three dimensions of reshaping business mode, innovating marketing strategy and constructing distribution network. It will form a strong intelligent interaction between diversified life scenarios and users’ life needs. In reshaping the business mode, we can build a complete post-industrial ECO industrial chain through financial insurance, after sales service, charging facilities, end users and renting. In regard to the innovative marketing strategy, the LVCHI AUTO combines online and offline and achieves customer collection, drainage, experience, delivery and sharing closed loop operation to provide consumers with one-stop customization service. In building the distribution network, LVCHI AUTO sets up the terminal experience center according to the three modes of LVCHI AUTO, LVCH FAMILIES and LVCHI SHOPPING. Next step, we will build a multi-layer and multi-mode brand marketing system based on strong distribution capabilities and joint industry chain partners and potential partners to truly realize the sharing of intelligent marketing.