Dr. Xiangyin Wang
Co-founder & CEO of LVCHI AUTO GROUP
Ph.D. in automotive engineering from Hunan University. He is in charge of the overall work of LVCHI AUTO GROUP.


Dr. Lei Shi
Executive Vice-General Manager of the International Business Division of LVCHI AUTO GROUP
lightweight technical specialist, Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, joint-supervision by both University of Michigan (UM) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), is responsible for the lightweight technology and operation of International Business Division in LVCHI AUTO GROUP.

Feng Chen
Executive Director of LVCHI AUTO GROUP
EMBA in law. He is responsible for the capital operation of LVCHI AUTO GROUP.


Dr. Fangsheng Ji
Vice-President of LVCHI AUTO GROUP & President of Engineering Research Institute
Ph.D. in engineering mechanics from University of Missouri and distinguished expert in the national “Thousand Talents Program”. Dr. Ji is responsible for product development at LVCHI Auto GROUP.